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About Wadax

Bitcoin started mainly as a project to cut out a bank between transactions. This way people don't have to trust a middle men. And so provide a way to really
own your money. Which you can use the the way you want without any restictions.

After we have seen a development from only regular people to governments getting involved. Governments start to get back their control on how you use
your money. They know exactly what you own. Due KYC, this isn't to protect anyone. But to know what you have to get their control.

Wadax is created to provide an exchange without KYC. We do neither want your information. Your information should be private. And your information is
valuable, so be carefull with it. Privacy and security combine each other. And we care about Security. This is the reason why we do only provide
App 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). And not SMS 2FA, to prevent SIM swapping.

Wadax has no limits on deposits or withdraws. This way you can quickly store your coins in your own cold storage wallet.